If YOU Think About It

Tell the truth and they spit in your eye. Why bother picking the slivers out of everyone else’s teeth, when you’ve got Logs the size of Cincinnati in your twisted underpants? Shame and degradation shall follow us the rest of our lives. Who cares what other people think or do, what other people say or not? What does it matter? Are these people the ones you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Hi! I’m not trying to impress you with words of wisdom here. This is nothing new and we all know it. Sad truth, dirty low-down, there’s reality and truth and the rest. It’s not a knowable thing for all of us all at once. It’s an assumption that we as individuals know what reality is what’s real, what’s the truth and what matters, and what doesn’t, at any given moment.

Ask yourself the question: why does anyone even bother? Ask yourself: what does it even matter? And: does anyone care anymore?

Belgium is in trouble, but probably not for the reasons obviously people would think. They’re not in the trouble the powers that be would have you believe. Buy some of their beer. Have a Stella Artois, they’re going to be able to get back to the right side and the best way to go in good time. Don’t worry about Belgium. WORRY about the world if it continues to be duped, flummoxed and flim-flammed by the shit-storm, dick parade, the 5 families want us to believe. THAT’S what YOU should worry about, if you want to know the truth. If you think about it, whatever comes down, you can parse the bullshit and get to what’s real. Buena Suerte!


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