Yet Another Thing

Have your Friends discuss this:


Reddit Has A Story on it, someone’s posting parts of through the comments on / in different posts. It’s like ghost story, because I even just located it on my Guardian feed, but when I went back to get it linked to share here, it disappeared.


This is one of the more f–d up, incoherent event meme things on the net of late. It would be best as one story 1 person writes and then publishes. As it is, it’s “all over the place” aspect, is rather like trying to read my journals. Only, with my journals, you have some short complete tales, and story frags that while they do sort of continue, don’t really build, but at least in their repetitions, don’t bore or bother the reader. Is that right? Dunno. In my journals, there’s my day to day life stuff with repetitive dull boring details and obsessions. I think all of us will go mad in time. Or probably are. It’s just a process of being.


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