Idris Elba is the new James Bond. Simply put, he’s got gravitas, and is good looking, plus Warren Ellis had this great idea eons ( ha!) ago. EON, Everything Or Nothing. Their picture company. Get it? Roger Moore had The Saint, with that cool white Volvo, roomy as ever on the inside, rearview mirror on the dash, but you could NEVER tell where your front end was driving that thing. A girl I know used to have one. IDRIS has LUTHER. Check it out!!

In other news, we’ve found that ‘confounded’ bridge!! Confounded’, best new, old-age, swear word of today. Got a G and an F, plus a couple of D’s. Use it, I dare you. It will confound some and amuse the rest, but hardly offend anyone, so get busy and swear with that.

PLUS-IT seems like we’re all changing. Undergarments in knots on most days. This loudly indicates either too much or not enough sex, or  that the new frontier is here. Discomforting though it may be, most of us are affected by it, whether we’re on the net or not, it’s changing us all, wholesale.






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