There are 2 girls outside my car right now in the parking lot where I’m waiting for a chance to get my hair cut but so too some seaweed and ginger candy.
They’re taking photos in the rain with a four by five camera and tripod. It’s for school. A Final’s Project.
I’ve got ten minutes to kill before I know whether or not my Stylist is even here today, as I’m here before it has even opened. There’s also a chance an hour later, for Sea Weed and or Ginger Candy to purchase at the store nearby. But that’s an hour later. My friend is going to be at another place today, and I could feasibly drop by home and then go by that place and then see a movie, handing over a plant I’d been meaning to get to him. I’m out of the house a second time today, and still I’ve not grabbed a letter I was meaning to send another friend, I first meant to drop off that first deal this morning when I went out for coffee and donuts. I’ve ordered more stuff. A pen and pen springs. 2 different locations. 2 different but not completely dissimilar pens. Both have their metal and plastic bodies as well as springs. I just can’t believe how I also want and am so damn close to getting another pen body or three.


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