And I Went To A Museum


And so after dropping off the Aspidistra with a note: Keep The Aspidistra Flying, a friend, went to the Pacific Asia Museum, downtown.

No photography in one of the room’s, but it allowed some in the permanent collection, provided of course there was no flash and it was done professionally, with permission, no selfie-sticks, and, no pens.

WHAT? Yes, that’s right. No pens. Now, no mention of paper, and in fact in one of the other rooms, paper was provided. Yes that’s right. Paper and a piece of lead hard wired to the wall with a note to be careful not to mess things up when you do your rubbing.

Okay, but, NO PENS! What in heaven was that all about?

I took notes like crazy in there. Looked into the cameras here there, a couple of not so ugly girls in there and not so bad smelling moms and ladies…but, hmmm, no PENS!?

Had several on my shirts as I do when I travel. The nice lady behind the counter didn’t say anything to me about it. But duly charged me more for the special exhibit, fucking thing was all open. No docents or security walking around checking to make sure you had no pens or had the right note on your sticker that they make you wear to walk around there. Odd. No pens.


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