In A World In A Word

In a world where they make watches super huge but which neither the day/date or time is easily read, in a world where they still make and people still wear these huge dork looking high crown baseball hats, poking the tops of their ears inside the headband, in a world where people shave their head hair yet grow facial hair, wear over sized shorts or long pants, ass bagging look, I’m available for anul sex though it’s illegal in some places and these folks who are so attired are at best utterly clueless, (and still for the most part heterosexual), in a world where people park in the red zone but would honk or yell at others if they did that, in a world where fat ass women wear skin tight jegg/short things, skirts too and the like, producing 5 or 9 kids, driving totally clean, totally HUGE off-road vehicles, for no apparent parking in garages, mall lots, and other diminishing parking lot and stalls reasonings, except for to try to impress other poor dumb people, in a world where during the week, these and other such types with equal inanities, can be found out and about, NOT at “work”, this is where you are.


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