Five Hundred & Fifty Percent

550% Does Not Exist!!
IF any politician or business guy uses these percentages with a straight face, you’d better leave the country they’re operating in, because they don’t know math very well. Even I don’t and I know better. 10 percent of my window is in shade. It’s a guesstimate, because it looks like 90 percent is in full light of the moon, which is a reflector of the full face surface, sans black hole sun spot, but from this distance, it’s negligible, the sun’s bright energy shine out does any stupid Sound Garden tune. Anyway, the moon, which was full or 100% not so long ago, is in my estimation 2 percent gone, a shadow falls on 2 percent of it. So, that makes my estimation of its fullness at 98%. Check with me on this. 2 minus 100, okay? 550% doesn’t EXIST! Now, think on this. Think about it. Realize it. Live it. Do it. Do Not Be FOOLED!!!

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