Over done with the writing of the week. 6 pages almost complete. I had some thing to say. I wasn’t all confused or discombobulated and just went with it. I have had a good or shall I say GREAT writing experience. I did today. I’ve only had 3 hours at most of “SLEEP”, and I’ve got my shit ready for the week ahead. I’m good. Thanks. Done, ready, real. I need sleep though. I can feel it big time. I would really enjoy a month off however. Really. Visit with DOCTORS and NURSES and get off caffeine and see what sleep shit I can do or get over too. I’m needing some kind of something…some kind of wonderful just won’t happen ever again. Of that, I’m certain.

I’m glad to be informed of being wrong about it, esp sic, she comes up out of the blue and I’m all accepting of her and everything like this, but it doesn’t seem likely, in my time again…whatever time that is which I have left. And at some moments, it seems likely, I’m to go at any time. Still, in or with that, it occurs, I could go on much, much longer…to my chagrin or others, I can’t say. Doesn’t matter anyway, I don’t reckon. I’m not in control. It’s out of my hands, you know? I’m just along for the ride. I just must endure. Just must always make my best effort in trying to ENJOY the ride.


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