An Apology From The Multiverse


FRIDAY, 11/25/2016


                I wish to apologize to you. NO, we wish to apologize to you. You who are there, suffering in life and are upset with the way things are, have been, and will continue to be. Selah. Such as it is. We’re sorry. We are the Metron’s as it were. A nod to the arrogant, omnipotent sort of egg-headed nozzels of dewsh that prevented Star Trek -The Original Series (TOS), from understanding what’s going on during one of their adventures….eventually, the HUMAN’s prevailed. In this case, we’ll all have to die to find that out, or any “thing”, for that matter…if that is even the case. We may not. I mean, if we’re just, spat out into aether, from this personality we have, to nothingness, well, none of this certainly will matter.

          Beware, we digress. We apologize. We’re sorry. Truly, we are. What have we got to lose? Nothing, right? Okay. We’re at a point in being where the “self” matters, but only as a construct to dealing with others on a more basic human level. Otherwise it doesn’t seem to. Nothing matters ultimately, and that is really strange when you think about it. Sad really, but let’s not get maudlin so quick. There we go. Time a plenty for that, for sure, later on…

          Let’s see, where were we? Appy Polla Loggee. I don’t know if Burgess (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) even spelled it so. But, we’re sorry, so let’s go for all of it, if we can. We’re sorry. Ever so sorry. Really. Truly, We ARE!

          Black Friday today. Let’s have a White Wednesday. Yeah, sure. Why not? If someone’s going to be offended, fuck them, or actually, don’t. Let them suffer by not having sex. Let all of the suffering commence. We’ve apologized already, right? And, enough too, okay?

          White Wednesday, because my snotty-faced, heap of parrot droppings o’l self is offended. And, I must have MY day. My day, White Wednesday, consists of this: Waking, to an “all-white” illumination, hearing inside my head, IT’S WHITE WEDNESDAY! And then I just turn over and go back to sleep. Simple.

            Nothing happens on White Wednesday. You wake up then, on Thursday, and, you know Tuesday was the Day before Yesterday, and that Yesterday, WEDNESDAY, was White Wednesday. Simple, eh? Pure. Happens before Thursday, and Thursday happens after that. What could be more simple and plain and fair?

          You have your Black Friday, and I have my White Wednesday, and, to be more generous, you have your Black Friday, and the very next Wednesday, will be my White Wednesday. Nothing happens. You, Me, We, All, wake, and realize it, and sleep, and wake the NEXT Thursday, and then after Thursday, it’s a regular Friday and then a regular Saturday, and so forth and so….on! How about that? Pretty good, eh? Decent of us, ain’t it? Isn’t it? Yes. Of course, if we do say so, and, we do.

          SEE-We digress!! But oh the deliciousness-es of the digressions! Beautiful, eh? Perfect! Nothing!!

          “The Age Of Trump”, –Hojimbo. We’re in the age of trump now, so says the sages of the age. No need to panic. There’s a lot of time between here and January swearing in of the new democratically elected president elect. Yes. A lot can happen, and probably will. But so what? There’s really no need to panic. You’re not going to experience in your lifetime a thing where you should have tried to make sure you and your country didn’t completely turn out into these or this MONSTY on the door, like a bug in every whore, and it ravaged and killed every one and all sundry items by the wayside. No. Not like nazi-isms. Fascists maybe, but not the nasties. No, that was a one-go train-ride and its long-life of references or feral referentialisms, just keeps oncoming like a traffic jam on a weekday of the 405 or 91 or whatever, ut…

          Look, don’t panic. You’ve done your best. You don’t have to turn in your neighbor. She’s not going to turn you in. It’s not that kind of world…not just yet, is it? Or, is it?

          What has all this nonsense been about any way? You know? Think about it, or don’t. What’s happening? We’re all so quick to vilify and slander and bring down any one and anything, with regard to who what where when and why, right? Political Leaders, Neighbors and Friends…you name it. It’s yours. Drag it down. Denigrate. Later, DENY! I NEVER!! Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo! It’s crazy making for sure.

          We’re all a bunch of petulant children these days. All APP bound abbreviated syndrome-d Sad excuses for our psychotic behaviors, anti-social in the social realm. As we freely verbally abuse all and sundry.

                   WHERE DID THE TOUGH LOVE GO?

                    IT WENT THE WAY OF THE SNOWFLAKES!

          We’ve become or are all now the cast, crew, audience of the Jerry Springer shows and we get what we deserve. FACT IS FICTION, TV: REALITY. Paul David Hewson (Bonavox) is correct. You too can realize a new reality now. Suck on that, fuckers!

          Does this mean we all melt down in the middle of the street? (Some have.) Torch one another’s artificial turf lawns and succulents with gasoline now? Public Temper Tantrums every chance we get? Everywhere?

          How is any of it acceptable?

          In due course maybe we’ll all settle down. Take some magnesium, or like Bonobo’s (monkey’s) get give sex, and more often…these monkeys fuck when they meet, are happier than most. Go figure.

          Magnesium, relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure…and, exercise is good, so they say. Will we all start walking more? Take seriously the aspect of swimming more, or, all year around? BAH! Fuck that shit!

          Let’s get snowed/stoned, go to dizzy’s-land. Hot-box it in the car before we go. Drive in to park, with tall-boy aluminum can open container, phone up to head, child standing on the center console flexing its knees, doing a jiggy crotch grab nose pick as you look for your preferred parking place, where YOU want to park, NOT accepting the red ink contract which says Park As Directed. Yes, supra-entitled. Your shit doesn’t stink. Not to you anyway. Actually, smells a bit sweet, doesn’t it? Yeah, you in your supra-clean GARGANTUAN pickamuck-truk. Over-sized clean as a whistle off road vehicle on these surface streets with anodized roo-bars in front. Hell, even an old Toyota can smash a fox or coyote or skunk or raccoon without much damage. What the fuck you need roo bar’s for? Oh yeah, that’s right, Black Friday, nothing to do but feed on a Kangaroo. Dontcha have plenty of “turnkey’s” left over? Make a casserole. Dump all that TURKEY, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, etc, into a deeeeep dish, sprinkle some grated cheese, and zap it?

          We’re all a bunch of poor dumb ass dipshits, parading around our shit for each other. See-How much I can spend? See-What I can produce? See-Aren’t you jealous? We’re all about 6 paychecks away from the gutter. We’re all so poor and jaded and fucking deluded. It’s a joke on ourselves.

          Things are the way they are and there’s nothing we can do about it. Nothing. It’s the way it is. It’s the way it works. It is what it is. This is it. Ride the strange torpedo all the way to the bitter end, we guess.


          LOOK there is a certain sense of things we want you to understand. Whether it is our fault or not, we’re trying. We know answers (some). We just want to be able to believe. We want to know without doubt. Perhaps and as we say this, it occurs we’ve written we too many times and that doubt and speculation are right and healthy to bring perspective and make the best possible chance at outcomes where and when it is you choose a path/part or emotions\stance in or on something. We are so supremely grateful to not be so damned upset/bothered about this recent u.s.a. election cycle outcome.

          We’re ever so sorry for the hurt souls in it. All the crying and the destruction done for, to, by, every, all, by some that, for fuck all reason, some of the damage done was by people (loosely termed) people in Oregon who didn’t even VOTE! That destruction of property…should be karmatized on them…for their dunderheadedness-es. Or, supreme forgiveness and eye opening to be given them so that they can see what retards they are.

People have gone off. What the fucking hell is that all about? What is wrong with people?

          It is with renewed vigor, ever onward, we hope, with faith, in a better future with all, soon, all, will be restored, once we get underway, and can relax and get back to whatever hell it is, we deem normal. Sure, the CUBS won the “world series”, the Penguins aren’t doing too bad, and maybe the bowl that shall not be named, next year, will be fun to watch, but so what?

          Can and will neighbors look out for one another, still, despite the fact those who didn’t vote, those who protested, the democratic process, went around willy nilly and shit on this all? We hope people will stop: killing, hurting, damaging. WE hope they settle down. We hope tough love reigns throughout, or something like this. DRIVE ON!

          Gimmie: Gimmie the serenity to accept it, what I can’t settle. PEACE, eh? Courage a plenty I’ve got to change that which I can. Leave me alone there. But, please: WISDOM! Wisdom to KNOW the DIFFERENCE!!!

          So Be IT!

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