Pulsing Blue Bar

1480345382409914637184There was a pulsing blue bar above the body section of this page to write on for this blog whose weird software makes strange, on its own decisions like, capitalising letters to words and initially not allowing you to just start writing once you decide to add a photo say. Damnaby frustrating to say the least.

We’re wearing long pant trousers now. No more shorts. Having to micturate frequently. It’s not all that cold through the heart of the day but is to begin with and having to be on stage when needing to use the facilities is a major drag.

At least the depression isn’t bothering me too much, but I am supremely annoyed that not only is my request submission for my 2 weeks off not online and available to see, but that of course my 2 weeks of vacation is NOT in EVIDENCE!!!!  I’M PISSED OFF!!

But so what? First World Problems, eh?


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