“He’s your kid. Do as you see fit.”–What’s The Matter Here?, 10,000 Maniacs.

There’s the idea or school of thought where you dare say, ‘What’s The Matter Here?’ And there is the thing where you don’t bother. You don’t get involved. Where do you draw the line? Where and when do you need to? Where and when is it appropriate? When is it a negligence in your duty as a citizen of the world not to try and help a fellow human being, if where when they’re being abused, publically, unfairly, unjustly thrashed, by parents or friends, and, who makes the call? A police or peace officer’s most dangerous call is a ‘domestic disturbance’. How and why is that? You’d think, these days, it’d be from their locating and responding to a call, for securing the scene, at a place, where there was a terrorist attack. You know, one of those idiots who aligns their philosophic bread and butter with the misogynist-centered group, ironically, named or, ignorantly titled, after a FEMALE goddess, and, for the sole purpose of hating and killing innocent people, just so that one can have a harem of…You know, willing virgin women? How juvenile, stupid and idiotic is that? Damn, if this isn’t evidence a plenty, of how retarded the world is, or how dumb some of the people in it are, I don’t know what is!!!!

But seriously, when do we step in and, when do we just remain silent and walk on by?


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