Subject To Your Approval…

Missed the Twilight Zone Marketing Thong this year and a lot you care. Missed "Wizard Of Oz." Didn’t watch "IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE" either, but so what? There’s time a plenty for that maudlin crap before year’s end. Just you wait. Plenty of time. Lot’s of beers between then and now as well, you can imagine.
I’m finding it great just watching the red orange colors on the clouds out my window right now and the silence, as quiet as it can me with tinnitus ringing in my head. The weak coffee isn’t helping but what can we do? We’re weak, just like you. Investing in maturing investments all the while immaturing in self improvement, it’s the way that it is.
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is my line of infotainment system this year. Great show. Catch it before it collapses.
My sister’s place is experiencing clouds and 24 degree temperature, with a Real Feel of 13 degrees!
We have 51 today and no real agenda, so it feels like 40 or 39. It’s our day off, so no reason to get excited.
No reason to don the shorts but for some pool work later on when it’s 65 or so maybe, 70 in our body, and we can then get out on the town and maybe just maybe find the woman of our next set of dreams to play around with.


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