Two Commercial Review

According to the estrogen temporal thermometer I need to get laid. Fuck that!
You know it occurs to me that here we are and yet our companies are taking care of business with the final solution being our nonexistence. Two Commercials Come to mind.
A is for Apple. Check out these facts…
The Brad in his Garrett about 4 miles or a kilometre and a half, down his out of town proper location overlook, can limp along and still give a gift of love. Yes, despite this ugly prometheus, a simple finger fix flick to his colored light, neck-bulbs, from a tiny Tina, we can all multiculturally sing how great it is to have our Holly at home. No shit. We don’t need an apple with a perfect bite taken out of it to learn us this.
A cola company would have us on a diet if it made us believe the car wash of how life tastes like a diet soda. If we’re honest with our selves, we’d realize it does. Life does taste like a diet soda. It’s funky fizzy bad after-taste crap!!!


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