No No No
I want to select and share text I want to email to this site. I don’t want to have to select and select and select and select the text from the word document I just wrote over and over again only to have a copy of a link I selected and shared earlier of a hockey game highlight as exciting and perfect as it is.

I want to share a post that ironically says I hope for a time when I don’t or won’t have to do this.

Brother. I tell you! You look. You see. You feel and you think just what I want you to, I hope.
I tell you. I long for a day, a time and a place, forever, when and where, I can come and go, as I please, to shop; meander, eat and take a gander, at whatever/whomever, with free will, to comment (in my mind at least), my own opinions, to my self, and not have to share a thing.

Finally!!! Sure. It works now for some damn reason. And, I don’t want someone commenting on how easily I could have just selected the share option from the word menu…Because I tried that. It wants me to send a link or load it on the cloud and share that way. I’m not interested in doing that. I don’t need to use more of my phone’s data to upload to the NSA bank in Utah or wherever that is. This is just for you, dear reader.


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