My ass is beginning to grow. Not true of course but if it were, it’d go like this.

 Listening to drone music Warren Ellis recommended and ordering books I’ve come up with as well as adding to the list of books Mr Ellis, the author, has mentioned. 

I know I want to die before my parents and quite possibly too, before my sister. Why this is, is because it’s too mind numbingly miserable to contemplate the life without them. I don’t want to have to do the things I’ll have to do to survive. I need things taken care of so that I can drift as is my want, and not be bothered by life. It’s a pain. And while I know that ‘that’, (that it’s​ pain), is too bad, it still bothers me and I don’t like it. 

I don’t want to leave unfinished. I personally don’t care. I know we all do actually depart incomplete, so it really doesn’t matter and should not be a real issue. I’m not going to ‘quit’, or suicide. I’m not going to be found in a motel room or garage of my house with a noose around my neck. These lies they tell about sordid exits, the things they don’t say. Not one of you can slit BOTH wrists. You can only do 1, and then you’re in so much pain and or just you’ve cut yourself to the point that there’s no strength to cut the other, or much of anything else. Doesn’t matter actually whether it’s across or down the arm there. Fuck it. You’re stupid. 

I’m not that smart. I know that there’s what I’m supposed to do and at some times I just don’t or never seem to get around to some things…it goads to no end we can’t it seems get where we want. In this instance, stop BUYING in over our head, to extreme excess. There are murders running around. The trick is to terrorize and they’re doing the job quite well. 

We all need sex. A lot more. Tons. And it should be legal. And SAFE!! It would solve a lot of problems. Condomized intercourse. 

There are people who want to kill you and take away the life you have. Most people don’t know you or give a crap, about you or anyone, much less you or your way, or methodology. You don’t exist. This is fine. But too there are those who think nothing of killing you. Who figure as long as most live and believe and act/die as I, well, then, peace. Peace to all then. Good Night. 

But that’s not right, eh? Something’s missing. Is it so that, the majority of people on this earth are okay with allowing others to live as they will? And is it so that there’s just a small amount that want the rest of the world to be like them, as out numbered in their belief as they are? What’s to be done, eh? Go and smash them to bits? Be done with it? All terrible people, terror gone? 

Just driving the freeway people are idiots. They’re coming up to their stop and yet all sense and propriety goes out the window. They’re beasts! They race behind and though it’s clear behind the both of you, they jump in front and then cut over. Instead of the safe and sane method of breathing, relaxing and easing over in the luxurious capaciousness behind, they have to jack off in your face and leave the room without properly tipping. Fuck these people, it’s said. I say, no. Don’t fuck them. Kill them all, right? Let god sort them out? 

But they’re you and I aren’t they? We park in the red zone in front of our speciality shop, our own place KOJAK parking place out front. Illegal but perfectly normal for us. The Wheel Chair Parking Sign Says Right This Way, Right Along with Everyone ELSE, but WE throw a temper tantrum from the get go, screaming for the manager and get whatever we want. 

We’re fuckers. We fuck any one and thing to have our way. That’s who we are. ASSHOLES. We’re assholes and we get fucked. Last I checked, sodomy is illegal, even between married people. At least in some states. Others, you cohab for 5 years, and you’re truly fucked. Married I mean. 50/50 SPLIT, when it’s time to quit.

Stay Tuned. More To…Follow.



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