One Of My Lead Holders

This beauty holds my favorite 7mm single piece of lead very soft and dark don’t know which B, maybe a 6, which I have multiples of in the wood real pencils I have laying about. This pencil has an eraser and a two piece blade point chisler and the most awesome soft rubber like triangle grip. Have two somewhere around here. The pocket clip isn’t much to write about but it works more or less and since I don’t mind a trip down to K-Town every once in awhile, I’ve found the thing from time to time inside those MALLS with the tiny cramped stationery stores I feel bad not shopping in more often than I do, and for not spending much money in either.

I’m only there for the dumplings.1498869450598924008675


About wneal5796 IOPE moisturised and Kiehl's conditioned
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