the new year doesn’t beckon

Oh, for shit sake. Head hurts. Eyes dry. Can’t read. Stuck on looking at this thing and am betwixt over how and why the damn email posts to this blog, from both of my email accounts, just aren’t. Neither one the simple and most productive way because the dashboard software for this and many other sites of its ilk, livejournal, and this wordpress, blow big chunks of stupid dogshit. Tumblr and Blogger blow these two out of the proverbial pond scummed water. Got an email, write something. Big text, easy to see in your email, and it works. But Tumblr even is a bit off, if you put a parenthesis, it the software, will collect and place in situ, the gobbledygook lettering for html ostensibly, for the parenthesis. Off thing is, one can duly go to the dashboard web and clean it off. But, why should one have to? So, of all these, BLOGGER is best. None of that shit occurs.


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