IT and Other Issues…Things That Just Do Not Work Like THEY say it DOES or should or WILL

Hey. Are you at some picture show today? Watching Anton Yelchin in REMEMEORY or are you at a CGV singing that Girls Generation song is it? All to see and have a beer with MEMOIRS OF A MURDERER, hum?

IT. Modest Mouse says ‘we’ll all float on okay’. I.T. "professionals’ always have to ‘come out there’, do much the same tests you run, maybe take your equipment back to the shop, "disapporating" for far too long and no real resolution…but maybe you just need new equipment and or hook up, bigger channel capacity stuff…oh, bullfuckshit! It’s just more money, planned on obsolescence and, you, the "IGNERT" End User, (EULA), figured or simply gave up well before the actual thing stopped working. You’re just doing more and more things like the sales tells you, you can do, but, now, and that, everyone else can too. But it’s not possible. Everyone shitting or flushing at the same time, fucks things up.

IT said, 25 years ago, roughly; "We all float down here, Georgie." Pennywise. The IT clown, not the Hermosa Beach band. The curry your favor, you are Georgie, my name’s Pennywise, now we’re ‘friends’ and can talk to each other. Tim Curry. Curry Flavor. Curry The Favor. Hmm. Now, the macro encephalitic imp says "You’ll float too!" Sure you will. All turds float, and all turds float on down the drain. HAH!! How about that!?


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