Wearing Black

Wearing black at an awards show is dumb but not for reasons you’d expect.

There’s this ‘sillidarity’ thing on about how many actors will wear black for the golden globes. WHO CARES? An awards show for people who get awards for acting from the ‘foreign press’, or the Bears, or Oscars…Think about it. Are you an actor? Do you need an award to boost your marketability? If the answer is no, and it is for most of us, then, it doesn’t matter. If you can’t make it in hollow wood without having sex with some sleaze bag, it’s none of our concern. Really. If you’ve talent and luck is with you (i.e. Fate Says YOU get jobs, for whatever reason, then none of this matters. You are not us anyway. Most of us will NEVER star in a famous production. So, shut it!!!), then you get to be THERE. Enjoy it and stop trying to justify the guilt you feel for having fate shine on your fat ass. Black hides a lot. Just saying.


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