Well, 3rd load is in the wash, and first load is on the bed for the final dry airing out.

Cocktail time. Fresh lime, ice from reverse osmosis carbon filtered water, vodka, and ginger beer.

Music by Warren Zevon, GENIUS.

Reading, Love In The Time Of Cholera.

Doctor Who tonight at 9.

Written all the cards and letters of Thanks, and a few other odd indecipherables.

Wrankled my back holding laundry as I put another load from washer to dryer. Take Away: Don’t Be Lazy. 1 thing at a time. Stay in your Green Zone for the reaching and grappling, tossing…

I had been feeling a lot more movement sans pain in the mornings and it hasn’t been this way in quite some time. The latest has been lower back above the waist just all stiff with discomfort…awful no good fun….and I have only put on some cbd creme, and have not been taking any oral pain relief ‘medicine’, thank you very much. I just don’t want to do that, no matter how “holistic” it’d be with some of the things one can do.

The week off. 5 actual days. 9 that, with my 2 weekends off before returning Sunday, 31st of December, I’ll have to go back…sigh…

I can easily never go back, would not miss it…just all the insecurity of no job and zero money in a day or so would KILL.

I need to write. No one needs to read. I am no one and I must read, but I don’t even have to read what I have written. I can’t even read some of the things I have, odd thing that. Oh well.

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