Pendulous Pedant Petals Penis Pendulum

See what I did there? Got it right out of the way, front and centre.

Boy, I figured it’d be done by now. But, nnnnnnoooooooooohhh!

How many more can it be?

We’re outnumbered, 8 to 1. What more do you require?

Or, what kind of hellish oligarchy move is it? You know, the “shooters” in control, of what “they” want you noticing, paying attention to, and being all bent out of shape about.

Shakespeare said, first let’s kill all the lawyers. This thing is a warlock hunt. Fine. Dandy. Great. We’ll give you Morgan Freeman too.

Really? Morgan Freeman? Aww, Mama. Can this really be the end? What the hell?

When, as they say, those who do, and, still, in public, thank goodness, some are still around, and able, and do indeed speak of, the pendulum, and of its swinging, eventually, into the “other” direction. Not pendulous things, hanging or drooping…those are for hanging off the back bumpers, I guess. But you know what I mean. Front and centre. Pay attention, petals, the penis or penumbra may have been reached. And Pandora’s box, may even get shut down. This not a warning. I don’t know a damn thing. And I am sure my closet, as full of empty shipping boxes as it is with bags and clothes, may indeed have a few ‘skeletons’, as they say. So I’m not really casting aspersions with intent to kill or even harm. I’m just indulging, (and probably foolishly on my part,) further voicing, on the idea, the “ides”, will come marching in again, and it may not be pretty. Ouch. Just saying.

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