Well, they did it again. (It was 1992 last time they were there.) Washington Capitals can say, they own the cup. Well done, Alex. Retire now, from on top!

But seriously, folks. It occurred to me the other day from one of those, hash tag, heavily fwd-ed, "vital"? Emails…# pound sign. You know, they’re still on the phone keyboards. And they still say, dial pound two fifty, before saying, what ever. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT YOU WANT ME TO "pound" you as well.

Hit Somebody is a Hockey song. Shouted out by David Letterman, and sung by Warren Zevon. Are these guys in the movement as well? Hope not.

Maybe it will be the beginning of that "Kinder Gentler" nation or world that the Bush speech writers came up with as a vision.

Vision? First let’s get rid of the guns….Right.

Here, Here. Beat something into ploughshares and not people into submission.

But, keep in mind, what Germany of the late 20th century did as part parcel their campaign, cause, and slogan. They first got rid of the guns from the people.

Look what happened to them. They have the Richest woman in the world as their leader, next to rags to riches Miss Mississippi, Queen Oprah. She should fund Condoleezza Rice. But that is another story for a different blog.

Think before you go viral. Pound. It’s a note in the U.K., where they ditched the Union Jack for the red cross on white. Hmmm. Ok. Uhh. Dunno.

It seems the clams or lambs or sheeple are very willing in many respects, quite acquiesced to the Oligarchy here. Yes Ma’am Yes Ma’am. 3 bags full. From the old nursery rhyme. Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You any Wool?, my NEW version, of course.

I’m going down the lane now, and give that ‘Master’ a piece of my mind.

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