Why Do You Do What You Do

Do losers want winners to lose just because? Is that why they break and take others down? Is this why they try and whine and bitch and complain?

I can’t stand it when you lose!

It’s not, I “hate” it, or “detest” when I win. In fact, I’m a little nervous when things go my way a lot. I mean, when when we don’t have to think a lot about how we’re accomplishing deeds, when there’s not a constant, stop, start something else, do that, stop, go back to the other thing, diddle or fiddle or whack that a bit, stop, finish, move on…well, the normal order of the day, sometimes, in some circumstances, all throughout, why, that’s enough energy sucking out of a person’s being for a month sometimes. REALLY.

Being in the moment, unconscious of it, just doing, efficient effort, one thing after another getting done, it’s a heavy burden, sometimes. Personally, we wonder about another shoe dropping. SCARY!

HOWEVER, it is in fact wonderful. We are grateful. Scared, but appreciative. There’s this grace overall, it seems.

People say, nothing worth doing, is done sans effort. I call bullshit. My experience, I’ve had hell struggle and results are horrible. I hate and can’t stand. I’ve had ease of use ventures and have loved things as they go and as they turn out. So, I’ve had both. I’ve struggled long and hard and gotten what I needed or wanted and have appreciated the great out of that as well. I don’t agree with the statement, you only get good or great out of things you really have to fight in order to achieve or acquire. No. And it also occurs, I appreciate all manner of gratitude towards the states of being and things across the board I’ve acquired. That is things and stuff, states and presences, I appreciate, period. I know to. Hope always to. Hope I always know the difference and can appreciate them. Hope to realize more and more and always that, it’s the invisible that, intangible interaction, with LIFE, in whatever facet it presents, that is where the real or best of, reality exists, if it exists at all.

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