It’s Very Tricky

It’s a wonder women are able to deal with men at all. I’ve met some really sweet people at work of late. I’m pelting them like crazy, because I am, and am very smitten, the only reason I’m talking to them at all is because of that. Hardwiring. And I’m so grateful at how graceful they are. What a precious event it is that these 2 girls of late I’ve had my eyes on for a year, I’ve only just been able (the circumstances have yielded the bare minimum of excuses), to ask them things about themselves or life outstanding, and I feel so grateful that they’ve not turned me in to the authorities…so far…so good. They’re not all catty. Their souls are still good, it seems. And you sort of wonder, hope it’s not going to be true, your thoughts that, well, they’ve not had a lot of shit on them by life yet. In general, but so too, they’ve not had a lot of men doing bad, terrible, nasty things to them yet. You seem so wanting to say to yourself, in light of how sweet they are to strangers, and specifically so, to this crazy, bat-guano man.

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