Wait a minute, are grasshoppers doing the stunning of Tourists in Vegas? Some headline feed on my browser revealed that Tourists were stunned at or by grasshoppers, apparently by the thousands are there. Unn, okay. We were missed by a City Sized Meteor, and they almost didn’t notice, those whose job it is to LOOK? Hmmm. Well…yeah.

Went into a theater on Thursday at 3:30 and it filled by 4 only to start a show around 4:30 almost. All those Previews! JojoRabbit…looks most promising.

Saw “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. I was surprised. Might go see it again. I can recommend it. I rarely see films these days for a second time on their 1st Run.

Two more films, “Echo In The Canyon”, and I’d rather hang out with Jackson Browne than the rest of them. What was that structure in the background? It was nice to get some tunes and tales. Who is this JADE CASTRINOS singer? She’s interesting.

Third was “The Art of Self Defense”. It was clever. I liked it. But it’s more an experiment, and…seems well, flawed. Like THE FAREWELL from last week, it felt like a Student Film, and the STAR, really wasn’t Awkwafina for me. Zhao Shuzhen was THE takeaway star for me. What a riot she is. Perfect!

And I can’t wait for LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT, The Barry Manilow Story, starring Bradley Cooper.

And, for Tarantino’s 10th, rumored to be SOYLENT GREEN, with the same dynamic duo as in #9.

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