5G. It’s not actually available in most areas, and they’ve said it’s coming and the best since not having to put coloring into your butter.

To HELL WITH THEM! They want to charge you with 1,000.00+++ clams for what exactly? No phono jacks. No Media Card slots. And, GSM networks only, for the most part. TO HELL WITH THEM!!! I don’t give a hoot in hell about all these motion capture myriad lenses. I’m just shooting pics of clouds and odd birds on City Lamps here there, you know? The odd product somewhere. And a phone camera with EASY screen grab. I’m NOT playing video games nor am I watching movies. The occasional video but not much more. I have music and writing and NO PATIENCE for the HELL that is transferring data. I MUST HAVE MEDIA CARD TRAY. And as much as I love my Bluetooth earbuds, I’m not buying a phone without audio jack. Sometimes the battery dies. You’re in a fix for AC and charging times. You need the WIRED PLUGGED EARPIECES, of which I have many, for various reasons we cannot go into now. So again, if you’re a phone company or carrier, GET OFF THE DIME AND DO IT RIGHT, AND DO IT RIGHT NOW! AND preferably for 800.00 out the door. Case companies, the Manufacturers of cases for these ‘beauties’ get it ON NOW too!!!


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1 Response to 5G The REAL PROBLEM

  1. wneal5796 says:

    Brilliant!! If only the centres of power were reasoning as you.

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