Is It Like Hollow Wood Is Required To Do A Thing-Meme-Shit-Shizzle On Every Type?

Okay then, if that is the case, Hollow Wood OWES me one.

I must have a movie, t-shirt franchise, ancillary rights on toys, sequels, etc., on my life, story, reality, existence.

Here I am, “loser”, living where and how I do, the work, job, life, career, I’ve had, and, am infinitely unable incapable of being doing any more, but for some dingbat dip shit reason, I need all this adulation, success, and general monetary stimulus influx ingress etc., now and forever, to grow exponentially, and so forth and so on. Now, please, and thanks.

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So, you finally buckled and went and had sex and then settled for some undisclosed sum which now after the statute of limitations has run out as well, and, since everyone else is doing it and you have been told basically to piss off when you asked for more money…SUDDENLY it seems to you, that the court of public opinion will force the creep to give you more money?

Not sorry for you.

Good luck, just the same.

This appears if I’m asked, and, I haven’t been, just as ugly, skeevy, stupid and idiotic as that creeps mooves and motivation. It seems to me you’re no better.




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  I’ve got 2 …

I’ve got 2 passwords written down on a cheat card somewhere, and by golly, there must be 2 or three, but by golly, I’ve gotten offline from my pc and you know, it’s a different one and I’ll have to type that one in when

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SO I have a ticket and bills paid and other stuff and things…one on the way I don’t know any thing about really, and one thing I’m watching and one or 2 others in hand….well, I don’t feel well. Suddenly, I’m peckish and really needing some thing…some one…some how…to fix me.

My tongue is rough along the sides inside my mouth. I feel irradiated. San Onofre is leaking and it suddenly dawns on me how fucked we are. Sad. What to do? Sadly, nothing. There is nothing any of us can do.

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I can’t stand …

I can’t stand this text size for this thing when I write like this and I do wonder what it will appear as if I fuck with it and post. But never mind that, who cares, you know? Who cares about any of this? When you don’t care, you feel much better. It’s all about feeling your best. Causes and stuff, they don’t get me going. I have a thing I want to do, I do it from hunger thirst strong desire to be or do in a state I want or be away from one I don’t. Ah, I can’t stand any of this. I don’t want to be writing this on a blog right now. I want it all in my journal. Whatever. I will. Time to copy and mail to my self.

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REGARDLESS if you’re coming with us to dinner tonight, I feel free to contact you again for the sole purpose of badgering the fuck out of you.

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Characteristic Atmosphere

Atmospheric Characterisation, is not just about Characteristics of Atmosphere, rain, hot-dry wind, bombastic ice, sleet, inside a high-pressure burst onto a certain, random point in the desert.

In fact, it seems to me, to be some sort of way or means of measuring celestial bodies in the heavens around us, relatively, which we don’t know about, but are seeking to find.

It like most stuff outside our solar system even, is denoted, or the Folks who do this kind of “measuring”, divining, detection, do so by “near area” READING. That is to say, we find a body in space, by looking at bodies around it, and studying how they act, and based on what we know already (assuming about how things in the universes we do ‘know’), we infer that there’s something else nearby, which affects it. Therefore, something else must be around. There is more to the picture than what meets the ‘eye’, as it were. At least, as I understand it, this is what is.

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