The Biggest News

The biggest news these days would be (if we had sense), would be that some way some how a lot of people are just being swept away in the madness. There’s a lot of no news “news” hysteria or hysterics. Riots and Protests, Arrests and just…nonsense, for no reason. Why are we allowing this crap to happen? It’s not like we need to form another “special” special interest group and control the masses with our way over the top absolute massive total and complete abject revulsion of whatever minutiae point to pointless pivot of cause that concerns only them…Yeah. Shut The Hell Up And Go Away Already.




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Sometimes Things Are Wrong

I made a mistake. I’m sorry. I apologize. Let’s move on.

MON. FEB. 6th, 2017
“People don’t need to be told something is wrong, when a person can’t say whatever, then still be allowed to do their jobs.”
–William McKenzie Neal.

A human being needs room. To grow, a person tries things. Some may not work. Others will and life is allowed to move on.
I’m sitting here near the window in the rain. I’ve taken a spider on the chin. The other day I found a rat, dead on the sidewalk outside of here, in a position of prayer, like Tom Brady after the super bowl yesterday. But it had no face, no head even. I can only imagine what went wrong with the rat before it died, what it cogitated, or would have said before it ceased to move on its own forever more. Nothing allowed it to live on, or win after that encounter with life. It lost. It died. Coach Bill said, That’s bullshit, he didn’t go over the Center. He went over the Guard. Well, Bill still has a job. He’s working. But now he can go to Florida, visit some Keys and go fishing. The Spider tickled my chin. I thought it was just a minor bug and then the collar of my shirt. Later I saw movement as I continued to write and the Spider body came into focus. I brushed it aside, over the edge of the chair. It lives on, still has a job to do. I didn’t curse it out on TV or kill it or whatever, but still we live on and are greatful. More of life should be this way. Fuck the Patriots. The Falcons, it seemed, just gave up. They didn’t go any further. I’m of the mind too. I’d love to be and do as my dreams dictate but I think I know they will not come true. Still, the small and simple things I have on my sense to accomplish will, that I know somehow. Don’t know how I know or why I have the confidence there, but I do. Which leads me to believe or to reason out for some reason beyond my ken of reckoning, that you are not just able to do whatever, to say whatever all the time and get to work and play forever. You and all you know will not. We’ll all end up like the Falcons or that Rat some day. Yeah, we should be able to. We should get all we want or think we need, but we won’t. It seems it can’t happen that way, and it seems that it’s wrong, that something is. That some where, all along the way, something is off: wrong, missing, unfair, stupid, dumb, retarded, and yet, perfect in that as well.

Human beings have to be able to say, and sometimes do, ‘whatever’, in their process, to perform, or work, on something, for life. I think god has seen to that. I don’t think other humans allow it of their fellow humans, and this is wrong, dead, bad, WRONG.

Yes, sometimes it all comes down to this, it’s our method of survival, grace under pressure and such.

to ignore
Part of speech:
Korean example:
마지막 부분은 무시하세요.
English example:
Ignore that last part.”

No, the people don’t need to be told all this, but some do need to speak about it and they don’t need to be cut down for it either.
They don’t have to be made heroes or any thing like that either. They just need to be able to speak and the word should get out. Maybe they should get credit for it too.

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Finally It’s Behaving Itself And I’m More Or Less Sorted

Able now to get some satisfaction with regards to my headshot in place like I enjoy. Still above the workflow tool bar it’s not showing on the right but is up there on the left. Not that it really matters of course in my estimation the most important expectation is to have the face on when you’re logged in and posting. Plain and simple, no?

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I Don’t Understand

Why when you’re on your drafts page there’s a photo of you and yet when you post on someone’s column nothing, you end up a snowflake tourist. Could someone please explain this horrible bullshit to me? I’ve gone in the loops and chutes of WordPress redirect to this mindless retarded gravitard software for photo changing and they all show up in the gallery but NOTHING shows significant as far as the photo ID I’m making.

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No No No
I want to select and share text I want to email to this site. I don’t want to have to select and select and select and select the text from the word document I just wrote over and over again only to have a copy of a link I selected and shared earlier of a hockey game highlight as exciting and perfect as it is.

I want to share a post that ironically says I hope for a time when I don’t or won’t have to do this.

Brother. I tell you! You look. You see. You feel and you think just what I want you to, I hope.
I tell you. I long for a day, a time and a place, forever, when and where, I can come and go, as I please, to shop; meander, eat and take a gander, at whatever/whomever, with free will, to comment (in my mind at least), my own opinions, to my self, and not have to share a thing.

Finally!!! Sure. It works now for some damn reason. And, I don’t want someone commenting on how easily I could have just selected the share option from the word menu…Because I tried that. It wants me to send a link or load it on the cloud and share that way. I’m not interested in doing that. I don’t need to use more of my phone’s data to upload to the NSA bank in Utah or wherever that is. This is just for you, dear reader.

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Two Commercial Review

According to the estrogen temporal thermometer I need to get laid. Fuck that!
You know it occurs to me that here we are and yet our companies are taking care of business with the final solution being our nonexistence. Two Commercials Come to mind.
A is for Apple. Check out these facts…
The Brad in his Garrett about 4 miles or a kilometre and a half, down his out of town proper location overlook, can limp along and still give a gift of love. Yes, despite this ugly prometheus, a simple finger fix flick to his colored light, neck-bulbs, from a tiny Tina, we can all multiculturally sing how great it is to have our Holly at home. No shit. We don’t need an apple with a perfect bite taken out of it to learn us this.
A cola company would have us on a diet if it made us believe the car wash of how life tastes like a diet soda. If we’re honest with our selves, we’d realize it does. Life does taste like a diet soda. It’s funky fizzy bad after-taste crap!!!

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I Really Only Like Writing In Here With This My Email

But I’m really not enjoying the media things on the Net. Refusing to load their apps. The web based access is dogshit. All of them!
The News is phenomenal. Phenomenal as in phenomenally STUPID NO NEWS DOGSHIT!! I AM REALLY NOT LIKING ANYTHING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW.

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